Sampdoria welcomes Cagliari

Sampdoria welcomes Cagliari in a match from the 35th round of the Italian Sere A. Let’s have a look at this match.

Sampdoria are 8th in the Serie A standings with 51 points won so far. They have a record of 15 wins, 6 draws and 13 defeats since the beginning of the campaig. In their last five matches Sampdoria won twice, made one draw and suffered two defeats.

There was a moment during the season when Sampdoria were in the Top 6 and they were performing in a very solid way. But things changed for them and they worsened their performances. Which led to them losing a few position in the standings.

In the previous round Sampdoria faced Lazio and suffered a devastating 0-4 defeat at the Olimpico. Right now Samp are 3 points behind the 7th Milan and on par with the 9th Fiorentina.

Cagliari are 14th in the Serie A with 33 points and a record of 9 wins, 6 draws and 19 defeats. In their last five games the Rossoblu won once, made one draw and suffered three defeats. In the previous round Cagliari made a 0-0 draw against Bologna at home.

Of course, Cagliari’s performance is pretty average, so we can’t say a lot of things about it. For them the most important thing is to keep their place in the division and so far they are doing it pretty well.

If we shall pick a favourite in this clash, it shall be Sampdoria. They are playing at home and this will give them a big advantage in the match. Sampdoria also have a better squad, although sometimes they have some bad moments during the season. We can say that Samp already lost their chances to qualify for the European competitions, but at least they can try to finish the season on a high note.