1. How to pay?

You can pay via paypal or skrill. You will find our paypal buttons on the home page for each different betting advice (tip) one button, which you can use to pay.

2. Can I get some free tips (advices)?

You can buy 1-day services for a small amount of money to see how we work and how we communicate with our customers. Our advice is to buy a package for long period of time. This is the right way to get the best results and make a profit.

3. What if I lose?

You don´t have to worry! If we have some bad days, we have a plan how to continue and what to do to get the best results at the end of the month. All you have to do is follow us every day and stay calm. We let you know what you have to do!

4. Which section (advices, tips) do I have to choose?

It depends on your budget and what is your final (monthly, weekly) goal! Let us know what you want to achieve and in what time you want it, and we tell you how to do it.

5. How do I get the matches?

As soon as the payment is made, we will send you the matches on your email. Sometimes we need some more time to analyze our matches, but we are usually ready till 14.00 o clock.

6. For all other Questions, use the contact form and we will answer you as soon as it´s possible!